Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hmmmmmm. Not sure how I feel about these hangers. I was at Target yesterday where they popped out from the entire aisle of hangers. I want to like them but they seem so darn thin (which is what they're promoting). My issue with these hangers is they claim to double or triple your closet space. First of all, the traditional homeowner is going to have plastic hangers or the wire hangers you get from the dry cleaners (which are already pretty thin). The only way these hangers would maximize your closet space is if you switch from using these lust-worthy hangers from the Container Store. And I have a sneaking suspicion that if someone is using thick, walnut hangers, they've got a big enough closet for their fancy clothes. I honestly hate hanging up my clothes. That's why I have a huge dresser. More than half of my clothes go directly from the dryer to my dresser drawers (and I couldn't be happier). Plus, my closet is the size of a telephone booth--not kidding. I'll take a photo soon to prove it.


  1. Hugable schmugable. It's all about the uniformed look...I agree w/ you about width, etc., and see the appeal in their display as being unified and consistent. Otherwise, I'm all for using whatcha got!
    PS. "Lust-worthy" is my favorite term of the week now!

  2. I am with you Beth...the chunky walnut hangers are lust-worthy and the flat huggable ones are not. In fact the clothes are thicker than the hangers so they are not space-creating at all. I like my clothes to have their own space, i.e., if they are not in a dresser.
    I knew you would be the dresser type! Maybe from the way you store your shoes. What about jewelry?

  3. @ Leslie--I know-is it even a word? Love it nonetheless:)
    @ MrsLittleJeans--I love it. I'm the "dresser type":) Jewelry post en route!

  4. beth! these hangers are the raddest of all hangers. as you know, i primarily wear dresses, so dressers, not so much for me. i bought a couple packs of these last year and loved them so much that i replaced every single one of my hangers with these black beauties. my closet is also small, and i can fit tons of stuff in there with them. they're durable enough to hold coats and nothing slips off of them because of their felty feel. love, love, love them!!

  5. @Celia--I'm glad you like them. I definitely don't think the hangers are bad--I just don't like that they promote that your closet will shrink in size if you use them. For dresses with teeny straps--I can imagine they'd work great and good to know they're durable enough for coats.


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