Tuesday, October 12, 2010

recycling shoes and other miscellany

through email, i just overheard that the burbank recycling center has a program where you drop off your worn out shoes and they send 'em over to nike's oregon headquarters. There, they turn them into material for new sports fields. 

which instantly reminded me of how much i loved my pink pumas (circa 2005). once they were worn out (pictured above) i sadly gave them the boot. if i knew back then what i knew now, they'd have a new life somewhere on a sports field. oh well. let's take a trip down memory lane.

this is me in january of 2006 wearing my brand new pink pumas. they didn't last long since i wear shoes out super fast (stems from wearing the same thing over until they're dunzo). but i sure look super happy wearing them! if only i knew the model of this puma shoe, i might be able to search for a vintage pair...


  1. pink pumas? hot shoes...we do the same recycling here at Caltech, once or twice a year at the gym...our soft track is made of recycled shoes!


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