Friday, September 17, 2010

product review: my new favorite label maker

when i was initially asked to *review the new dymo 260p label maker, i thought to myself, does the world need another label maker? as a professional organizer, i already own 5 (and i couldn't imagine owning one more). luckily, i ended up saying yes (mainly to add more tools for attendees of my organizing boot camps), but mostly i found out that the world does need another label maker--especially this dymo which can perform some pretty awesome functions.

there were 4 functions that impressed me the most and without further stalling on my part, let's get to know the dymo 260p label maker, shall we?

impressive feature #1: rechargeable battery. seriously? this is amazing! while i'm usually as prepared as a bride on her wedding day when working with clients, there's always room for human error. like when i don't have back-up batteries for my label maker! the new dymo comes to the rescue with a charger so you won't leave your blank files hanging without a proper label.

impressive feature #2: for the ocd tendencies in all of us, you can create fixed length labels for your containers. this is especially helpful in instances when i'm labeling a client's workspace where the container has more than one category. now, all of the labels can line up beautifully for co-workers to see.

impressive feature #3: making copies. (! there are so many instances when i'm at a clients office and i have to print multiple labels of the same text. and while i could simply type out "to-do" five times and then press print, the label isn't formatted as nicely as one would like. not to mention, typing that out five times takes extra time! with dymo's new diva, you can select the number of copies you'd like to print and bam--you're done!

impressive feature #4: i rely on computers to tell me when i'm spelling something wrong (which is usually 99.9% of the time). wanna know something really cool? this dymo label maker comes with memory. in it's folders, i can store often misspelled words like memorabilia and maintenance and look like a spelling bee pro!

*note on product review: while i accepted this product for testing and to review, these are my honest thoughts and feelings towards the dymo 260p label maker. other than getting to keep the product, i received no further compensation for this blog post.

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