Wednesday, August 4, 2010

front porch make-over

while outside, i decided to trim back our rose bush and bring a few inside to enjoy

a few weeks back (as i was prepping for the parental units visit to LA) i had given the front porch a once over. sweeping and rinsing the outdoor tiles-- i even managed a new paint job on the door step which brought it back to life. this past weekend, i decided to enhance our outdoor area a bit more with a hanging basket from home depot (and picked up a few succulents while i was there). the plant hanger was already at hand--i just moved it from one side of the porch to the other. i then decided to tackle the painted on house numbers--which had always bugged me (it was worn off in places and looked messy). so i forked over a few extra bucks and picked up some brass numbers to showcase our address. a few decorative white pots from ikea help cozy up the front porch--each  for under $1 (score).


  1. Looks lovely. Just be careful with the ikea pots...they don't have a drainage hole which can cause root rot.

  2. Just sayin' hi. You have to show me how to add the "you'll also like" posts to my bloggy blog.


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