Monday, August 23, 2010

mac monday

you guys aren't going to believe me but in college, i always wanted to buy one of those cheesy stick shift kits to change out the stick shift knob that came with my car. it could have been an eight ball (or something equally awesome). the kits also came with really cool pedals to make your car look hot. the thing is, i'd probably still have fun with something like this to change up the Bneato mobile (lame, i know). anywhoodle, on to mac monday. this tip was sent in by my friend brandon hardy. rock steady drummer for the LA band, future ghost. brandon writes; 

"beth! i just discovered a mac keyboard shortcut that has changed my life. it's command + option = shift (then L and R arrow keys to move back and forth between safari tabs)! learned it the other day and it's blown my mind."

ours too brandon, ours too!

image; ben spark

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