Monday, August 16, 2010

mac monday

choose the way you view; it's as easy as one, two, three, four (just add command before each number when you're viewing your documents). rock steady!

p.s. i visited huntington gardens this weekend which is really just spectacular. you can check out the awesome scenery here (and while you're there, upload photos of your organized space to the Bneato flickr pool).


  1. I almost went there and since I have met you, I would have recognized you...have a great week : )

  2. I don't get the tip? I just got a mac about a month ago and I really look forward to your tips to help me out but I just don't get this one. Something wrong with me?

  3. @Crazy Mama--Double click on your hard drive. Once it's open, hit command 1. For another way to view your docs, hit command 2. Another way is command 3 and the last is command 4. Let me know if you still aren't getting it. And no, nothing is wrong with you!:) Thanks for asking me to clarify b/c it wasn't clear to you. I'm here to help!


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