Wednesday, July 28, 2010

purge your closet and make some extra cash

after purging my closet of extra clothes (i mean, how many pairs of jeans does one girl need) i went down to crossroads trading company and sold them. they took everything but 2 items and i made $50 + dollars (fun)! i turned around and splurged on fresh flowers and nice bottle of cabernet. fresh flowers make my week not to mention make the house look extra nice. especially when they're displayed in the bedroom and i can enjoy seeing them when i wake in the morning. and not only did i free up drawer space in the dresser, i got rid of stuff i never wear. and all that extra stuff usually just gets in the way and hinders the getting ready process--so i'm saving time to boot.

here are a few other places to check out when you're looking to sell stuff and make a little cash in the process as some extra incentive.

crossroads trading company (clothes, shoes, accessories)
buffalo exchange (clothes, shoes, accessories)
ameoba music (cds, dvds, LPs, tapes, videos)
craigslist (sell anything from furniture to cars)


  1. Way to go!!! I love a good de-clutter!!
    p.s. Love the FLowers!

  2. I love de-cluttering and a recent spree freed up 3 drawers in 2 dressers and 2 drawers each for our bedside tables. I am planning to keep the space empty though. It's always good to have empty spaces as they have a tendency to keep clear and not draw more clutter.

    On the negative side, selling second hand clothing is virtually impossible in South Africa. We don't have the stores, but we do have a Hospice to which you can donate any unwanted stuff.


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