Tuesday, June 8, 2010

to-do list tuesday

the always busy becky making burgers

this to-do list comes all the way from south carolina. my mom contributed her to-do list from a recent party (she's mad organized... i wonder where i get it from)

this to do list was created to help me stay focused in preparing for a party that i was giving at my home on may 22nd (saturday). i started out by assigning tasks to each day of the week leading up to my party. everything went pretty well until thursday. that's when the "grocery store" task went by the wayside due to unforeseen problems. as it turned out, my husband was unable to complete one of the tasks assigned to him... which was mowing the grass. so you know who had to re-organize her task list to include yet another duty. thursday was already a busy day, so the grocery store had to wait until friday. i had planned on cleaning the boat on friday, but re-assigned that to the hubby, since he bailed the previous day. friday became quite busy and i realized i wished i had made time for the grocery store the day before.

challenge; when preparing for the party, it seems that there are too many things that have to wait until the day before the party. for instance, you can't prepare the flower arrangements too far ahead because they won't look so fresh. also, some of the cooking just can't be done until the day before. same goes for house cleaning. if you clean too early, it will just get messed up and you'll have to do it all over again.

what works; it's important to study your to do list through-out the project. you'll find yourself adding/re-organizing the list as the days go by. when the list gets too messy, i just start a fresh one with the tasks that still remain. one thing is for sure, a to do list is a must for me.

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