Tuesday, June 1, 2010


the paint choice the 1st time around

kate spade's home was the inspiration for the new color choice

same room, completely different look

when i'm working with clients, i'm the most patient individual you've ever met. but when it comes to things like painting, and working on my home, patience seems to hop right out the window. take for instance our home office space (rather, the beau's office). since moving into our new home in february i've wanted to get everything done all at once. so instead of picking out a paint color that suited the masculine office i wanted to create for adam, i used a paint color i already had (noooooooo).  what looked great in my previous apartment suddenly looked like blue cotton candy painted walls (eeeek). after about a month or so of hating the office and trying to "make it work" as tim gunn would do, i decided to repaint the entire space--again. this time, i used a pic from kate spade's home as my inspiration. unfortunately, instead of being patient and purchasing a small amount of paint to test on the walls--i fork over $40 for paint that i picked from a paint swatch. did i learn my lesson? apparently not. so yesterday, after the first coat went up, i wanted to cry. the color was bad (and by bad, i mean jewel tone 1980s bad). thank god i plowed through and applied 2 more coats because i am more than pleased with the results. and even though i wasn't burned by my lack of patience this time it's bound to happen again. lesson learned--i swear!


  1. Oh my god, I LOVE it. Definitely a good change, although I do like the bright color! Looks very similar to the color of my bathroom!

  2. thanks Hannah!
    yeah--the first color i loved in my old apt but maybe it was the lighting in ap's office that just didn't jive well with it.


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