Friday, June 11, 2010

flickr friday

first of all, if you haven't started indulging in online magazines, get to it! this image is from by fryd and the content is really great (easy to breeze through too). my other fave is lonny mag (june/july issue is out now). anywhoodles, i spotted this side table in the "pages" of by fryd and wanted to share. if you aren't already using open bins and baskets to store stuff--what the heck are you waiting for?! i use open bins for shoes in the closet (unconventional but it works for me). just make sure your bin or open container doesn't become a catchall. you can prevent it from being a miscellaneous pile by adding a tag with a label.  that way, the whole family is on board and knows what should (and shouldn't be stored in the bin). i also like how the homeowner in the pic above is utilizing every inch of the side table--storing open containers on both levels.

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