Saturday, June 26, 2010

flickr friday... on saturday!

i soooooo wanted to post this yesterday! i've been watching a lot of larry king live recently and one of his guests this week was joan rivers. i'm dying to see her documentary but of equal fascination is how joan rivers organizes her jokes! a wall of card cabinet file drawers with labels. the larry king interview only briefly highlighted this (see my transcript below) but i'm curious to know if she still does this. insane and lovely.

starts at the 5:59 minute mark

Larry King: The files you keep

Joan Rivers: Yeah

LK: Jokes

JR: Yeah

LK: [Milton] Berle used to do that

JR: Also Bob Hope. Someone told me that he had a joke room. Isn't that amazing? You'd walk into a room and there's nothing but file cabinets and you... balloons?! Got it over here under B! And so I started to keep every joke I could.

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