Tuesday, May 18, 2010

to-do list tuesday

this week, we're rockin to-do list tuesday with one of my favorite peeps, miss dyana valentine (of dyana valentine.com). she is a super star when it comes to helping others get things done and today, she shares with us, one of her to-do lists.

I created this the day after an amaaaazing workshop by Brooks Palmer (of Clutter Busting). I had been to a clutterbusting workshop in January this year and come home to donate BOTH of my couches, a variety of small furniture, 4 bags of clothes and 6 boxes of books. Then, just a week ago, he came to LA again and after THAT clutterbusting workshop, I went even deeper into the recesses of my clutter and got rid of even more stuff--including 18 years (you read that right) of photographs (I labeled and kept the negatives); more books, more clothes, collectibles that I didn't want any more, and more clothes! I am slowly but surely getting to the place where my home feels like a "sanctuary."

1. Challenge: Keeping a list of to-do's (well, really shame-styled "shoulds") in my head and not on paper.
2. Sure Thing: The thing that always works is keeping my to do list taped to my front door (I see it several times/day and I feel SO good when I cross something off), and keeping each task on the list to 15-30 minutes in scope--even when that means breaking something down into 3-5 tasks.
3. Accountability: I usually make a public announcement--even if only to one other person (or on your blog!)--of what I want to FEEEL after doing an activity. I also tie my to-do's to a bigger goal--you can see that my list has "NEXT on Freedom!" at the bottom. That is the WHY of this current list. If you have to-do's that don't resonate with a larger goal--scrap them!

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