Tuesday, May 4, 2010

organizing with 99 cents

i spent the better part of sunday fixing up my outdoor area (it was my first day off in a long while and i was really looking forward to it). but let me back up a sec.  on my to-do list to help "weed pulling day" run smoothly was to borrow/buy a rake. of course none of my LA friends were in possession of a rake so i hopped over to the 99 cents only store in search of one (and they did in fact have a small, hand held rake--perfect for my tiny "yard"). but while i was there, i perused the aisles for other things that i might have to have for 99 cents (and boy was there).

organization in our teeny tiny utility room is essential. now brooms and mops have a place to live without taking up floor space.

not having to dig through a pile full of lids--priceless

usually, i upcycle glass jars for corralling small items in the bathroom. unfortunately, jars don't make good containers for compacts. picked up this clear organizer that works perfectly in the medicine cabinet for holding my make-up, etc. 

about half a pace over from the broom and mop is where we keep our laundry supplies, trash bags and dog/cat supplies. having containers to keep the bottles neat and together makes the space efficient and looking streamlined.


  1. I love this! Time for me to take a trip to the 99 cent store too!

  2. I'll take one of each. Love all these! I never hit the dollar store... might have to add that to my regular bargain-hunting pop-ins!


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