Wednesday, May 19, 2010

as seen on the web...

  • i'm finally getting around to crossing some items off my "home decorating" to-do list and found this amazing artist on etsy. (thank.freakin.goodness). her name is kathryn diLego and her line drawings are uh-mazing. i picked up this little guy last eve between watching tv and working.
  • a little late to the game on this one... found another great resource for recycling old cell phones. verizon will take unwanted cell phones (from any service provider) and turns them into support for victims of domestic violence
  • because you're not "feeling the filing" today--these file folders will be sure to make a statement with your active paperwork (or at least put a smile on your face).
  • dude. that's a lot of used post-its taped to every horizontal surface in your office. why not give the ceramic memo board a whirl?

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