Tuesday, April 27, 2010

dry this

i am guilty of not using a drying rack. there. i said it. and while we do have a clothes wire outside i have yet to use it. i love the luxury of using my stackable dryer (not to mention the soft rumble it makes when in use--it just screams "cozy" to me). but if i did have a drying rack, it just might have to be this guy--best drying rack. it's based on the antique laundry racks from waaaay back when. they proudly tout no plastic parts and it's fully repairable if it breaks (something your drying rack probably can't claim). 

looks a little alien like but packs a punch
towels hanging out to dry
i like that you can hang shirts on their hangers
great for drying sweaters so they don't sag
unmentionables worth mentioning


  1. We are about a month into clothesline drying. We actually love it!!!

  2. I just inherited one of these from my great aunt, via my mom! I love it. Not only does it kinda crack me up, it's way better than the BRAND NEW rack I bought at target, only for it to break within the week. Ug.
    I'm a fairly new convert to line-drying convert, and quite like it. Gives me time to think and be outside. I even blogged about why I love it: http://bit.ly/3aoQ58 :)

  3. @ Amy--good call on the fading, I hadn't thought of that!

  4. Learned that one from our friends in Prague. They're experts (b/c they have to be). Thought of you while I used my alien drying rack today.:)


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