Tuesday, March 9, 2010

change purse

so i've had this little change purse for as long as i can remember. i try and always keep change on me for a couple of reasons. number one, i hate breaking dollar bills when i can easily hand over exact change and number two--parking meters. i never keep spare change lying around the house so you'll never find me with a big ole glass container chock full of change. unfortunately, the clasp on my target purchase recently lost it's power to stay closed--leaving my purse somewhat of a mess. i went shopping for a new change purse on sunday at the pcc flea market but no luck. today, i hit etsy's streets in search of a vintage find. i spotted this leather zippered beauty (but at 6.5 inches, it may be too big). while i'm on the hunt--weigh in with your own solutions to keep your change organized.

current change purse


  1. I am guilty of having a big change jar in my house. I make sure to always have a wallet that has a change compartment for the reasons you highlighted above, but inevitably I end up with too much change in my wallet and my purse starts to become very heavy. So every now and then I do a change dump into the jar. I have a separate little bag reserved for quarters in my kitchen for laundry. I can never seem to have enough quarters. When my my non quarter change jar gets full I take it to a Coinstar machine. The system works pretty well for me but I'd like to find a prettier container for the change in my apartment. Currently it's in a Ragu jar. :(

  2. I am a dedicated change purse user! I always need change for parking meters. A friend got me one from J Crew a few years ago which has held up wonderfully. Etsy has some of the cutest ones. I prefer clasp to zipper!

  3. i'm a mason jar in the kitchen person myself. actually, i just cashed in our mason jar change for a whopping $110! amazing how pennies and nickels add up. i have a compartment in my wallet for quarters and meter money. i think i should really have some sort of change system in my car for meters instead of carrying meter money around with me. somebody needs to design a super cute meter money holder for the car.

    anyway, i've never thought of using a change purse. something i'll have to consider because i have to admit my wallet gets way to bulky and overloaded with coins sometimes.

  4. @Venus--even a Ragu jar can look cute. rip off that label and print one from the web (like these from poppytalk handmade--love them)!
    @Princess--how long does the clasp usually last (i am positive that once i finally decided to wash mine, the clasp decided to never close again).
    @Kendra--yeah, i'll have to be on the lookout for a cute meter money holder for the car


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