Wednesday, February 24, 2010

goodbye paper towels!

adam and i have been arguing about paper towels since we moved in together. he wants to keep buying them, i say "no freaking way." we still haven't settled the score but i figure it doesn't hurt to go ahead and make my own napkins. a pack of 10 at target was under $6 (i think) and the fabric markers were found at michael's craft store. i haven't finished them yet (and let's be honest, tuesday looks like i let a kid draw it) but i think they're going to at least be charming (not to mention save us from having to buy paper towels)!


  1. I switched to cloth napkins, too. I had a roll of recycled paper towels that scratched my microwave, trash can cover, and a mirror! I was not happy. I wrote the company and told them their paper towels were like sandpaper. They never replied.

    I got some white cloth napkins at Ikea and I used fabric paints and stencils to decorate them. Also, Ross has various cloth napkins for 49¢ & 99¢. I have been on a mission collecting as many as possible.


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