Tuesday, January 19, 2010

moving update and makeshift office

i'm literally sitting on the edge of my bed typing onto my laptop (which is resting on my file cabinet as a make-shift desk). not comfortable--at all. i am, however, rejoicing in all that i've crossed off my to-do list for our move. here's what's left;

remove privacy film from final bedroom window
wash curtains
empty closet and dresser clothes into suitcases
sign lease, obtain keys
wrap up the selling of (my bed, desk, record player and misc. DVDs)
take apart my bed and kitchen table
figure out how to unhook a gas dryer (really need help with this--the gas company won't do it).
wash living room windows
clean apartment once moved
switch electric, turn off internet
confirm movers

there might be one or two things i'm forgetting but it's a somewhat short punch list considering what i've tackled so far (yard sale, packing up adam's house and most of mine). i find that when i have a big project looming, it always feels much less intimidating if i write out all the to-do's--this helps get all the info out of my head and onto paper where i can visualize much easier.


  1. Congratulations...you have accomplished so much...I am filled with happy envy!


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