Wednesday, December 16, 2009

slippery slopes

i followed a link on my managing editors facebook wall over to this post by Charles and Hudson (a resource for DIY-ers). the posts title is quite intriguing, the 7 deadly sins that lead to hoarding (it's a slippery slope folks). we agree with all of them but #4 (storing free swag) really strikes a chord. these are items we would probably never buy (even if on sale) but just because they're free, we take them). say no from the get-go!


  1. I used to but I managed to stop doing that...I think it comes from being a starving student for a long time : )

  2. i'm more of a hoar than a hoarder :)

  3. Totally agreed. Because my husband and I own such a small home, complete with small garage, we have a hard and fast rule: one item in, one item out. Seriously.

    The only places where this rule does not apply is with Christmas ornaments and pets.

  4. @ Meredith--too funny about ornaments and pets (so true).


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