Wednesday, December 2, 2009

countdown is on.

countdown to moving, that is. last day at this apartment will be january 31st (which gives me a teeny bit over 60 days to pack up and ship out. since i'm not a "wait til the last minute kind of 'gal" i'll be tackling one (or more) projects daily. each mini project will get me closer to moving day--making the entire process almost stress-free.
project #1: remove magnetic strip from beside entryway door.  
super simple task and completed in under a minute.
when looking for the screwdriver, i found this battery which fits perfectly in our smoke detector (that had been without a battery for who knows how long). 
while i had the toolbox open, i went ahead and organized it as well (counting as project #2). let's also not forget organizing the closet which took 2 days (and counting) but i'm grouping it into one big project--#3.

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