Thursday, November 19, 2009

does everyone already do this?

place an extra trash bag underneath the liner of the first trash bag. that way, when you empty the trash can, you have a fresh, new liner ready to go. saves time and sanity!

(image: Nozee Le Snoop)


  1. i dump a whole bunch on the bottom of the can. then i don't have to dig around for a new one when the old one is full. that is, until i reach the end of my stack...

  2. I am going to start doing it because I see it done in businesses...thanks for the reminder.

  3. i like the idea of dumping a bunch at the bottom! maybe leaving just one out so when that pile gets empty, it's definitely time to pick up a new stash.

  4. I think this idea is a great one.

    I never mind taking out the trash (weird thing #1), but putting in a new liner always irritates me (weird thing #2). This strategy makes that step just a bit easier. Love that.


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