Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Home Projects

I've been putting off 2 projects for a while--The first project is getting the rest of my CD collection onto my hard drive. I started but never returned... The second project is ripping out inspirational pages from my magazines and placing them in my magazine binder. I don't feel super guilty that these projects are still in limbo (the projects are personal and don't impede my productivity if not finished). I feel good about only having 2 projects that aren't time sensitive (if I had too many, I might be sacrificing space in my home). Not to mention, one too many personal projects might distract me from getting work done. On the other hand, I know it will feel soooo good once I have completed both tasks. So that's it--the CD's are going on my to-do list first (a little each day and I'll be done in no time).

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