Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leslie's Keys

Landing bowl for keys
Click pic to see key labels

That's right--it's Key Week on the Bneato Blog. We want to make you aware of key ring clutter and nip it in the bud. Every day, we'll be bringing you posts on different ways to organize your keys, key facts vs. key fiction plus all sorts of fun things key related. So if you've got key questions or anything to contribute that's key related--send it our way!

Leslie explains her "key system" below (love!),

First, I have two main sets of keys. One includes car key (and large remote for locking/ unlocking) and one does not. Whenever possible, I try to be car free (walk, bus, bike) and the less I have to carry the bettah! So my "no car" set of keys includes just my apt keys, a bottle opener and my bike lock keys. (Note--those bike lock keys are on an even smaller, removable ring so I can leave them at home if not traveling by bike).

My "yes car" set of keys have more than car keys on them, and it is its own system. I try not to use those colored, plastic key top cover things, because I don't like plastic and because they get so dirty and are so difficult to clean. My apt keys, however, consist of 3 keys (arrgh!) so I've put one plastic thingie on the key for the lock we use most often. I use different rings or a bottle opener to separate the rest of my keys. It's all about the order of the keys on the ring. So the main ring has car key, remote, 3 apt keys and mail key. One apt key designated by red plastic top and the other two divided by remote and another key ring. That other smaller attached key ring contains keys I don't use too often but are good to have w/ me (Matt's car key, my parent's house key and another copy of bike lock key).

Any additional keys like neighbor's extra set of keys, laundry room key, extra car keys have labels if necessary (cute key chain or actual descriptive label) and are in the bowl by my front door...

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