Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heather's Keys

House Keys
Car Key
A poetic explanation of Heather's Keys in her own words...

Hello Kitty with sunglasses: Front door knob (where it is shady from the overhang)

Leopard print: Top dead bolt (something feisty might be going on, if that one is locked)

Hello Kitty with flower in hair: Back screen door (reminds me of summertime and screened in porches)

Extra spare car key: (to a car we no longer have)---oops.

Mystery key: (possible to somewhere in the house, was given to us with the rest of the keys when we moved in)

Key chain: A gift from my friend's trip to Jamaica

My car key is solo because my father-in-law said the weight of all the keys is bad for the ignition

Grocery/Drug store discount cards


  1. i heart heather. and i heart heather's keys.

  2. i want hello kitty keys! where did she get them made? my key guy only does patterns, the bastard.

  3. I'll find out from Heather this eve and get back to you


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