Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Challenges With Organizing Paperwork: Part II

In our Boot Camp Giveaway this week, we're asking folks to write in with their paperwork challenges. Merlin writes,

My biggest challenge with paper work is figuring out where to keep things that need to be dealt with before I can file them. If I file them in advance, I tend to forget about them. If I don't file them, a big pile tends to develop while waiting to be dealt with.

Hi Merlin--we understand your pain and will give you a few ideas that will hopefully make your life run much smoother. First, for anything that still needs tending to, write it on your to-do list/calendar (one or both--whichever makes sense for you). That way, if you are one of those folks who like to file everything away (right away) you won't forget about it because it's written down. Essentially the piles of paper are acting as your to-do list but if written down, your desk gets some room to breathe and the feeling is less overwhelming without all those pesky piles.

You can also start using an active filing system which I explain here. Use a desktop sorter or wall pocket for bills, events, or things that are pending. Your paperwork will be out of the way but still visible so you won't forget about it. I still recommend writing down these items on your to-do list/calendar so you make sure everything gets taken care of.

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