Sunday, July 5, 2009

Unpacking Groceries

The beau and I went to Vons this past Friday. Because we live separately, it's rare that we do our food shopping together. However, he needed to stock his fridge and I had to buy food for a 4th of July party. What's interesting is when Adam started to unpack the groceries, he stopped me in my tracks to show me how he unloads and puts everything away. It's important to note that Adam would classify his organization level somewhere between disorganized and messy. But apparently, he is quite efficient at putting away the groceries. He went on to show me how he unloads all the food onto the countertop into groups. One pile is frozen goods, another pile is allocated for the fridge and the rest is divided into pantry items. Once he's got all the items classified, he starts putting the food away in its proper home. Seeing that Adam's tendencies swing towards disorderly, you can imagine my surprise at his organized (and charming) method of unpacking the groceries.

(Image: The Daily Green)


  1. this a match made in heaven? Could Adam train my husband...oh, I forgot, I have to let him be his own (unorganized) self!

    You are one lucky gal Beth!

  2. Ha ha:) Yes, indeed lucky and glad I'm starting to rub off on him as far as organizing goes...


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