Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Errand Day!

When I was 15 and had just earned my license (in SC they let you start driving young), I loved running errands. Need milk from the store? No problem! Jacob needs supplies for an art project? Done. Until recently, errand day wasn't such a thrill until I got a handle on a little bit of time management know-how. Now, my errand days fall on either a Monday or Friday. If they don't get done then, errand day falls on the weekend which sucks (for lack of a better word). What I like to do is look at my calendar for the upcoming week on a Sunday. If I need to pick up supplies for a client, go to the bank, grocery shop, etc. it all goes on my to-do list for errand day. Once you pick your errand day, try not to schedule anything for that morning (or afternoon) whichever you prefer. That way, your day to run errands will likely be free (not to mention you'll get stuff done).

(Image: The Slow Lane)

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