Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Timer of My Life

“the first step is the hardest.”

i don’t know who said it first but it rings true for most people. i know this to be a fact from personal experience. as i struggle out of bed at an unmentionable hour in the morning--i head over to the reservoir to start my daily run. the first mile is definitely the most difficult. it’s the first ten minutes when i question my sanity and my legs are telling me to run right back to the car. it’s not until i make that 4th turn when my body starts to fall back into step and the run actually starts to become natural. as the minutes add up and the miles are clocked, the accomplishment becomes the greatest reward and sometimes it’s actually hard to stop the run--okay, okay--that only happened once-- but mile 18 is oh so much sweeter than mile 1 by a long shot.

the same goes with any task. the first step is the hardest. that’s where the timer of my life comes into play. i have found that if i’m working on a big project, or even something that i’m kind of dreading/procrastinating on--i just set my timer to 30 minutes. whether it be brainstorming about the project or writing down ideas or researching articles on the web--once the timer buzzes, i really have quite a bit done. after that 30 minutes, i usually wind the timer right back and keep on truckin’. the thing to note is that once the timer has started his/her countdown, you should just focus on your one task. major no-no’s are
1. phone calls, dialing and receiving
2. eating
3. breaking for a walk
4. checking email

you can find your timer of your life at the grocery store, target or any drugstore. take the 30 minute challenge and let us know what you’ve accomplished.

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