Monday, February 4, 2008

Los Angeles Organizing Awards

yes. That’s right. The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (what a mouthful) has an awards show every January. and this one rocked. first of all, it was held at the Luxe Hotel in swank city, Beverly Hills. red carpet-- check. famous guest host, Sherri Shepard-- check. famous attendees (in no particular order): Peter Walsh, Julie Morgenstern, Linda Coopersmith plus many more-- check!

i haven’t been to many awards shows-- o.k. so I haven’t been to any but this reminded me of the Golden Globes. decked out tables with more silverware than I can count and our own “miss organizer” to pass out the awards (see above picture)-- my friend and fellow organizer Abbey Claire Keusch. plus really awesome take-away bags stocked with freebies!

alright, alright--you’re probably asking yourself-- “big whoop? another awards show. what’s the big deal?”
to answer, i’m going to backtrack for a moment. when I first joined NAPO/LA in January of 2006, I went to my first meeting. during the meeting they had a slide-show of the organizing awards that had just taken place, and one picture in particular resonated with me: the table centerpieces consisted of fish bowls. odd at a glance. but upon closer inspection each bowl was labeled with one simple word: “fish”.

it’s one of my favorite memories of Napo/LA. by doing this they communicated that they have a sense of humor about being “too” organized. there are still a lot of hurdles that organizers have to overcome when dealing with the public’s perception on what we actually do. we aren’t domestic dictators who come in and give final rulings on how to organize your life. we want to help you live your best life with your goals in mind. The Organizing Awards are a great way to publicize the life changing effect that we have on our clients. besides-- what better way to recognize your peers? bravo!

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