Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Filing class @ The Edendale Library

So being from a small town in South Carolina, I was always “in the know” about the community. I now live in Echo Park, which has that same small town feel to it--which i love. When i started my organizing business, Bneato, I knew that I wanted to reach out and be involved in the community.
What better way to dive right in than to teach a class on filing at the local library.
I had never taught a class before, unless you count that one time in public speaking in high school when I taught all my fellow ninth graders how to make doughnuts using bubbling oil and canned biscuits. Needless to say, I grew popular over night.

On the eve of my filing class, with 5 best friends in tow, I arrived at the Edendale Library on Sunset. The first order of business was to thank the gentleman who I stayed in constant contact with and who allowed me the opportunity to teach the class. His name is Neils Bartel. Sweetheart--but I did almost faint when, over the loudspeaker, about 5 minutes before class started he announced, “Beth Zeigler, a professional organizer, will be teaching a FREE class in the activities room on filing.” OMG!

Once the class actually got underway, I was cool as a cucumber. About twenty people were in attendance--complete strangers that were actually interested in learning about filing systems! Everyone learned a bit about my road to becoming a professional organizer and why people need professional organizers in their lives.
The class went by so fast! It was interactive and man was I witty--or at least I felt like I was.
Honestly, I had such a great time teaching the class, I called Mr. Neils Bartel and asked if he would allow me to teach another class--and he said yes.

So the next installment of neato’s teaching series will be on tuesday, October 2nd @ 6:30 p.m. I’m pretty sure it will be a class on time management--but i’m open for suggestions/ideas.

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